Get Em CiCi: Ciara's Officially On Epic Records

I think this is my first Ciara post...YAY!  But we have known for a while that Ciara's new home is Epic Records.  BUT!  Epic has launched their new site and look who we see on there, Ciara Princess Harris.  Check you out with ya record deal girl.  Its been a long, long time coming but we knew!  That a change was gon come.  

But if you get on Epic and pull that same shit that was going on previously, then ooh...idk what to tell ya or think.  I been rooting for what seems like an anthology of albums.  I even bought some of your music on iTunes.  Something your fans clearly don't know or can't afford to do but I digress.

Ciara's new project is shrouded in mystery, but is underway.  Expect to hear more news on the project very very soon (one of my sources told me).  I have faith that Ciara can return and make a couple of wigs back bend.  But check her out at if you think this news is too good to be true :)