ikea roxi

The young songstress has opened for Trey Songz and has home station 92.Q abuzz with her new single “Mirror.” Following in the musical tradition of Charm City music pioneers Billie Holiday, Tupac Shakur and Dru Hill, the eighteen-year-old is ready to take the next step towards stardom. “I was so excited when I heard my song being played on the radio for the first time,” says Ikea. “I felt as though it was being heard around the world.” Produced by King Midas, the B-more music man constructed the hyperkinetic “Mirror” with the sonic feel of playful Euro-disco master-mixed with street beats. 
 Now a high-school senior at Western High School, her graduation my very well be that of a record deal. Look for the upcoming "Make It Happen" High School Tour launching, April 2012 in Baltimore City Schools which is geared to encourage attendance and truancy amongst our teen awareness campaign.